What to do in Ethiopia

Bird watching

Ethiopia is rich in diverse numbers of endemic species of birds under the shelters of our naturally gorgeous national parks; Bale National Park, Simien National park, Senkele National Park, Abjata National Park, Awash National Park, Mago National Park, Omo National Park


As a country with rugged mountains and broad Savannah this program offers a unique and amazing trekking tour to northern Ethiopia to admire Ras dashen, the highest pick in Ethiopia or explore to eastern part to make awesome trekking on volcanic lava of afar region, considered as the origin of human kind.


We organise tour towards lake Turkana, which is the lake of Kenya and cross boarder trips through Kenya connecting to the East African countries

Camping Expedition

With our moderate and standard camping materials we provide a unique, exquisite and memorable experience in different villages. This program offers a special chance to spend time with the inhabitants of a unique tribes and places.

Omo valley photograpy

This new omo valley photo expedition brings you to both western omo suri(surma) tribe and the lower omo tribes.

Adventure Tour

Ethiopia is a vast country with stunning landscapes and unique features and most of the features are not available in rest of the world. This program aims to address those who have a great zeal to get an extraordinary experience. From The lowland point in Africa, Dalol, where active volcano easily detectable place of Afar, the origin of human being to the second highest pick point in Africa, semein mountain to regions of Rift Valley lakes this program offers trekking, horse riding, local boat driving etc

Cultural Holidays

Ethiopia the country rich in great history and culture. Most Ethiopians rituals are well worth and known . Ethiopians ritual are categorised in religious and traditional. We offer you all types of cultural tours. The most popular cultural ceremonies such as bull Jumping of Hamer tribe, Dimi of Dassanech tribe, Dunga or stick fight of Mursi and Suri tribe, Kell of Bodi tribe to the religious and most celebrated rituals of Ethiopians such as Ethiopian epiphany, The finding of true cross, Meskel, Ethiopian ester , Ethiopian new year, Inkutatash we deliver to you with Ethiopian hospitality

Rafting on Omo River

Admiring the gorges of Omo River our company provides a special program of rafting on Omo River. Our clients will be able to see the Nile crocodile, hippos and various types of bird species so close as they can never imagine.

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