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Ethiopia is one Of the most beautiful, stunning and ancient country in the world and the precious history of the country goes 3000 years. Ethiopia is considered as ” the cradle of human kind ”  because of the worlds earliest human ancestral species of Lucy, which was found in 1974 by a team of archaeologists. This earliest hominid dates back to some 3.18 million of years with the most complete skeletal remains found so far.
 The natural beauty of Ethiopia amazes the first time visitors with a land of rugged mountains, broad savanna, lakes and rivers.
 The unique rift valley is a remarkable region of lakes formed as a result of volcanoes which are home to enormous number of both endemic and migratory bird life, great escarpments and stunning landscape.
 Ethiopia is one of the few African countries, which resisted the colonial movements and remained independent. It is a land locked country in the horn of Africa with over 100 million population which makes the country the 2nd most populous nation in Africa.
Ethiopia NaNa tours is a highly recognized and professional tour company which offers services provider in all destinations of Ethiopia. Our office is based in Jinka, the zonal administrative town of omo valley area and is giving all types of tour services including private tours, family tours, group Tours, Photography tours,
Educational tours and solo tours.

Bird Watching

Off road safari


Our Packages

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Day 1……. Pick you up in Jinka at the airport up on your arrival ,with a good condition 4WD with a built in modern AC systems as well as charging facilities , then continue driving to the Ari tribe’s village who are settled on the Plateau lands surrounding the lower Omo Valley zonal Administrative town of Jinka.

Day1…. Pick you from the airport upon your arrival to Jinka on Wednesday afternoon and drive directly to Mursi Tribes crossing through Mago National Park territory and meet the most isolated tribal communities of the Omo Valley Tribal communities.


Day 1…..Pick you from the Airport up on your arrival to Jinka on Sunday afternoon. Then we drive directly tothe Hammer tribes small town of Turmi where we will meet the tribes including Banna and Hammer on our way down. Visit deep communal village of Hammer tribes late afternoon local life and overnight in a Hotel.

Our promises.

Ethiopia Nana Tours is a fully licensed tour company which is specialised in organising various remarkable itineraries from solo to small groups up to eight participants. The tour programs that are arranged under our company are very concerned on fulfilling the interests and desires of our clients by offering programs towards the historical, cultural, and natural heritage sites of the country, Ethiopia.  We work with a passion of fulfilling the happiness and joy of our clients by providing a family price to our tour packages.
  And we are also highly entitled to cover all the listed programs in accordance with the arrival and departure dates of our dearest clients.


Know more about our people 

Karo Tribe

The Karo tribes are more famous of their body paints that they paint their bodies with various colours of inks to beautify themselves.

Hamar Tribe

The archetypal Omo Valley tribe. Inhabiting the eastern territory of the Omo River, Hamar villages are found throughout both Turmi and Dimeka, their people easily the most recognisable of all

Mursi Tribe

The Mursi (or Mun as they refer to themselves)[1][2] are a Nilotic pastoralist ethnic group in Ethiopia. They principally reside in the Debub Omo Zone 

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